United Airliens Flight Change

Due to the coronavirus pandemic; There are significant Changes in United Airlines flight change policy. United has permanently eliminated the change fees for standard Economy (except Basic Economy), Economy Plus, United First, United Business, and United Premium Plus tickets.

If you’re traveling within the United States (incl. Alaska, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii) or Between the United States and Mexico or the Caribbean or On international flights originating in the U.S.

United Airliens Flight Change

Change Your Booking

How to Change a Flight on United Airlines 

  1. Go to United Airlines Official Website and Click on “My trips” 
  2. Enter your confirmation number and last name 
  3. Select the flight you want to modify and then select the Flight Change option to change the following:
    1. Change United flight date or time
    2. Change your flight destination 
    3. Add or Remove flight
  4. Click on Continue to choose a new flight and confirm your new booking

After the change process, you will receive an email confirmation of flight change on your registered email Id.

 If you want to cancel your flight and rebook later,

  • Log in to your account at United.com or through the United app.
  • Select “My trips” and “Cancel flight.”
  • Select Confirm
  • Choose a Travel Credit option for future travel.

Connect with United Airlines Customer Service

Here are some other ways to contact United Airlines. For more options, you can visit their contact page.

United Airlines websiteunited.com
Customer Service phone number1-800-864-8331
Social MediaTwitterFacebookInstagram

United Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you have already planned to fly with United Airlines, but something comes up and you need to decide what to do now? You can either cancel United flight altogether or book a new one. Another option is to change your aircraft. How much will you pay for this? Here are some answers that will help you out..

  • As per United Airlines policy, a customer has to pay a cancellation fee if they want to cancel their flight on the day of departure. This applies even if the flight is refundable or non-refundable.
  • If any customer happened to purchase their ticket using a United gift certificate, the refund would be given in the form of an electronic travel certificate.
  • The United Airlines Cancellation policy is only applicable for the tickets that are directly purchased on their website, customer care centers, and ticket offices.
  • When it comes to ticket cancelation, United Airlines reservations offers two different classes. Refundable and Non-Refundable.
  • When it comes to a non-refundable ticket a customer can only cancel within 24 hours from the point of booking. However, if they exceed that time then they have to pay a 200$ cancelation fee and will not get any refund. They can, however, use the money to book a new flight.
  • As per United’s cancellation policy, a Refundable ticket can be cancelled anytime and the customer can get a complete refund without any cancelation fee.
  • According to United’s cancellation policy, flyer can cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking without being charged.
  • Once these 24 hours are completed, you will be charged a certain amount as a cancellation fee. This can be avoided if you purchase a refundable ticket.

United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy 

United Airlines has a 24-hour flight change policy that is comparable to its 24-hour flight cancellation policy. Passengers who have booked tickets seven days or more before departure have up to 24 hours from the time of their first booking to make changes to their reservation free of charge. This regulation applies to all tickets, except for Basic Economy tickets.

The 24-hour hold rule of flight reservations is great for those who are unsure about what to do with their flights. There are ways you can give yourself more time to decide before the change or cancelation fee gets high.

  1. United’s FareLock service
  2. Paying with cash

The FareLock service has been created to help passengers avoid additional fees for changing their United flights. It allows you to keep your flight reservation for a couple of more days after the grace period ends. The price of this service is a real bargain — only $7 to $20. Considering the fact that fees can go up to $1,000, this is a small price

United Basic Economy Change Policy

In order to make changes on a United Airlines Basic Economy ticket, you cannot change your flight within the 24-hour window. Cancellation with refund is available within the 24-hour period, but the best way out would be to cancel and buy a new ticket.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets 

United Airlines has revised its air travel change policy. You can now make changes to a non-refundable ticket free of charge, but you will have to pay the difference if the fare is different.

general or Silver-tier member$ 75
Gold, Platinum, or 1K member$0

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Refundable Tickets 

United Airlines will not charge you a change fee when making changes to a refundable ticket. However, if you’re changing to a costlier ticket, you will have to pay the price difference. If you’re changing to a cheaper option, the fare difference may be refunded to your original payment method—depending on your fare conditions.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy for Award Tickets

Effective immediately, changes to award tickets will be free. You can also cancel your trip at least 30 days before departure without paying a redeposit fee.

How much does it cost to change a flight on United?

United charges almost $200 to change domestic flights, and for international flights, it can be $400. Basic economy tickets aren’t eligible for flight changes, and for a same-day change, it is $75. For MileagePlus Premier Gold, Platinum, or 1k members it is free.

  • The airlines do not charge their customers if a passenger travels within the U.S and to other international destinations from the U.S.
  • Passengers who are traveling domestically and are changing their plans the same day can travel without paying a change fee.
  • However, passengers traveling internationally are required to pay the flight change fee. This fee may range up to $400, depending on the type of booking, class and other factors.
  • If you are traveling internationally and your flight is delayed or canceled on the same day, you will not have to pay a flight change fee.

United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

Passengers are allowed to make changes either before or after their scheduled departure on the same day. You can even change your flight if you booked a reservation with miles or earned a reward flight ticket. Everything you need to know about the United Airlines flight change same day policy is here –

  • Premier Member: All the premier members earn extra flexibility in order to alter their flights within 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Passengers may be able to request a change without paying United Airlines’ same-day flight change fee. If the original ticketed fare class not available, passengers would be upgraded to a higher class. A fare difference will apply. Fare difference does not apply in same class.
  • Basic Economy Tickets:Basic Economy flights are not eligible to change the date of their flight, but they can standby their flight for free within 24 hours of the original scheduled departure.
  • All Other Travelers: Guest travelers may be able to change their flight within 24 hours of the original departure time. If the original ticketed fare is not available, passengers will be upgraded to a higher class. A fare difference still applies.

Here are the fees for United same-day changes:

Membership level Service charges
MileagePlus non–Premier members$75
MileagePlus Premier Silver members$75
MileagePlus Premier Gold members$0
MileagePlus Premier Platinum and MileagePlus Premier 1K members$0

Additionally, the following points should also be considered when requesting a same-day flight Change, your flight should be operated by United or United Express® and your ticket number should start with 016.

  • The flight you are requesting must depart within 24 hours of the time your change request is made and may include any fare class; you must also pay the fare difference.
  • Same day flight change fee instead of the rule change fee will apply when you get your original ticket fare on the flight change request within 24 hours of departure.
  • A standby option is also available. In this case, the same day change fee will apply, but will only be charged if you are allocated a seat on your alternative flight with a restriction on the rerouting.
  • Flight changes are available for the same origin and destination airports. Connecting stops may be changed if the fare you purchased allows for the new route.

United Airlines Standby Policy

United Airlines has a new standby policy that began January 1, 2021. Now, any United passenger can fly standby on a flight departing within 24 hours of their booked travel, no matter what type of ticket or class of service they purchased, without incurring a standby fee.

If you’d like to actually confirm your seat on a different flight instead of just stand by for it, that may be possible as well.

  • MileagePlus elite status holders, or Premier members, can now confirm a seat on the same day as their original booking with the same departure and arrival cities. They are not required to pay a fee if the new seat is in the purchased fare class. If no seats are available in the purchased fare class, they may have to pay a fare difference.
  • Non-Premier members may be able to confirm a seat on another flight within 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure time. The same fare class may not be available, and there may be a fee if the fare difference is significant.

How to get on the united standby list

  • To add yourself to the standby list, you can go online at united.com or use the United app (if you have one). You can also wait in line at an airport kiosk or talk to a United representative at the airport when you arrive.
  • Keep an eye on the display screens near the gate for your new flight or track your standby status on the United app.

United Airlines Flight Change Type

United Airlines Change Flight Date

As United Airlines has permanently waived its flight change fee, you can make unlimited changes to your flight dates. The airline’s ticket change rule says you can make changes up to 11 months in advance from the original ticketed date.

In case of a higher fare difference, the passenger needs to pay the difference via the same mode of payment. In case of a lower fare difference, the airline will refund the balance. 

  • If you change the flight within 24 hours of booking and 7 days prior, then you don’t have to pay any kind of charges.
  • If you are traveling domestically, the United change fee for a domestic flight will be $200. However, if you are flying internationally, your change fee may go as high as $400
  • If you have booked the basic economy, then you will no more eligible to change the flight
  • Same-day flight changes cost you $75 per tickets
  • A customer can choose to change the flight without paying any fee if they are a premium member or if they have access to the flyer program.

United Airlines Name Change

As per United Airlines’ passenger name change policy, reservations are non-transferable to another passenger. However, passengers can correct their misspelled names up to three characters without paying any change fee. To change the name on the flight ticket with United Airlines, a passenger needs to call United Airlines.

United Airlines Change Flight Destination

As per United Airlines’ policy, passengers can change their origin or destination without paying a change fee. If the passenger chooses a higher fare, a difference would be applicable. United Airlines allows passengers to change their flight to the destination up to one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.

United Airlines Frequent Flyer Change

There is no change fee to change 31 or more days prior to the scheduled departure, In addition, there is no fee if the passenger make changes 30 days prior to the scheduled departure

United Airlines change fee of 125 USD would apply for making a change to the international flight that originates in the US 30 or fewer days before scheduled departure


What is United Airlines policy on change flights within the 24-hour period?

Unlike United cancellation Policy, United Airlines doesn’t allow you to make changes to your flight within the 24-hour grace period. Your best bet would be to cancel your ticket (free of cost) and buy a new one.

Can I change my United Airlines flight to another location?

Yes, you can change the destination of your flight as long as you pay the fare difference and change fee, if it applies to your route.

Does the flight change policy apply to award tickets also?

Yes, it does. There is no change fee for an award ticket as long as it is in an Economy or Premium Economy cabin and you’re travelling within the United States, or you’re travelling internationally on a trip that originates in the United States.

Can I change my flight if I booked through a third-party site?

You may be eligible to change your flight with United if your reservation was made by a travel agent or through another third party. However, you may have to pay a fee beyond the applicable change fee. You should check with the third party first to see if you can make an alternative reservation.

Can I change my Basic Economy ticket?

Basic Economy tickets can’t be changed once you complete your booking. However, our 24-hour flexible booking policy allows you to cancel a reservation within 24 hours of booking your trip, as long as you completed your purchase one week or more prior to the original scheduled departure flight.

You can also get on the standby list for a different flight for free within 24 hours of your original departure time.

United also offer the option to add United Economy benefits to a Basic Economy ticket for a service charge. This allows you to cancel or make changes to your flight without paying a change fee, and also entitles you to other benefits included with United Economy fares. Visit the Trip Details page to add United Economy benefits to your Basic Economy tickets. Learn more about this option on the

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