United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines Baggage Fee & Policy:

The United Airlines Baggage Fee & policy for regular Economy Class charges consist of the following:

  • Carry-on baggage.
  • 1 personal item – Fee free
  • 1 carry-on item – Fee free
  • Checked baggage/Hold baggage – Applicable fees apply
  • Overweight and Oversize bags – Applicable fees per bag depending upon weight and size categories.
  • Sports equipment – Applicable fees apply.

United Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy:

United Airlines allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per traveler charge free.

Carry-on shouldn’t exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

  • 45 straight inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) or 115 centimeters (56 x 36 x 23 cm) including handles and wheels
  • Fit in the overhead canister or under the seat before you.

Personal item shouldn’t exceed the following size and weight restrictions:

  • 36 straight inches (16 x 11 x 8 in) or 89 centimetres (41 x 28 x 20 cm)
  • Fit in the overhead canister or under the seat before you
  • A coat, umbrella, diaper sack, obligation free things, and assistive gadgets (wheelchairs, walkers, props, carriages, kid limitation seats, and so on) don’t combine with your portable recompense.

United Airlines Checked Baggage/Hold Luggage Policy:

United Airlines standard handled things/hold gear strategy details follow:

  • 2 packs standard (fees apply for Economy Class fares)
  • Maximum dimension: 62 inches or 157 centimetres (length + width + height)
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

Charges For Baggage On United Airlines:

United Airlines usual checked baggage/hold luggage fees for US domestic flights:

  • First bag: $35.00 USD
  • Second bag: $45.00 USD
  • Third and any additional: $150.00 USD per bag

International Flights: United Airlines standard processed things/hold baggage expenses for to/from US global flights by and large aren’t anything for the first and $100.00 USD for the second. Worldwide Basic Economy handled stuff/hold gear expenses are $60 USD for the primary pack and $100 USD for the second. A few courses permit two processed packs as standard. United Airlines’ “Stuff Calculator” on United.com will decide the specific sum per course.

United Airlines Charge for Excess Baggage

United Airlines will charge a reach beginning at USD 150 for the third sack and extra packs relying upon the course. We firmly suggest visiting United Airlines’ “Things Calculator” on United.com since it will assist you with deciding the specific sum per course.

United Airlines Charge For Overweight Baggage:

United Airlines will charge the following for US domestic flights for bags that are more than the standard 50 pounds or 23 kilograms:

  • 51 to 70 pounds or 24 to 32 kilograms: $100.00 USD to $200 USD extra per bag.
  • 71 to 100 pounds or 33 to 46 kilograms: $400.00 USD extra per bag.
  • Bags exceeding 100 pounds or 46 kilograms won’t be acknowledged as checked baggage/hold luggage.
  • Charges for flights to/from the U.S range from $200.00 to $400.00 USD. United Airlines “Baggage Calculator” on united.com for exact amount per route.

United Airlines Charge For Oversize Baggage:

United Airlines will charge $200 USD more for bags that are between 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 centimeters. Bags over 115 direct inches or 292 centimeters will not be considered as checked baggage/hold luggage.

Charges For Sports Equipment On United Airlines:

Charges depend on type of sports equipment. Skis, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse equipment are usually considered on item. Fees charged start at $30 USD. Fees for bigger sports equipment start at $150 USD. Check the sports equipment section of the baggage information page on united.com for exact facts.

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy:

Travelers might convey the following child and infants articles on board, although the maximum carry-on baggage allowance: 1 diaper bag, breast pump, government-authorized child seat (newborn child seat or vehicle seat).

Stroller Check Policy:

United airlines allows travelers to check a stroller either at the ticket counter or at the gate (gate checked stroller can’t exceed 20 pounds/9 kg). Travelers with a stroller and a vehicle seat may just check at 1 item at the gate.

Basic Economy Baggage Fees:

Flying United’s cheapest basic economy fares mean you might need to pay more for your bags, depending on where you’re going.

DestinationFirst bagSecond bagAdditional bags
Canada, Caribbean & Central America$30$50$150
South America$45$65$150
Middle East & IndiaFree$100$200
Asia & AustraliaFree$100$200

Economy Baggage Fees

United Airlines baggage fees structure for standard economy admissions is practically indistinguishable from the fundamental economy with a couple of key special cases: Checking a first sack to Europe and quite a bit of South America is free. Furthermore, at times, checking a subsequent pack is free, as well.

Here is a more critical glance at the united airlines economy baggage fee structure.

DestinationFirst bagSecond bagAdditional bags
Canada, Caribbean & Central America$30$50$150
South AmericaFree$65$150
Middle East & IndiaFree$100$200

Premium Plus, Business Class And First Class Baggage Fees

On all Premium Economy charges and up, both of your first two bags are free. All extra and oversized baggage information is the same as for economy tickets.

United Airline Carry On Bag Policy:

United airlines like its domestic rivals like Delta, American, and Alaska is its carry-on allowance policy.

Explorers who book basic economy fares on united airlines are only allowed to bring a personal item on board and are not allowed to bring a carry-on bag. You read that right: There’s no carry-on bag allowance with United’s cheapest airfares. You can just bring a backpack, small bag, or a purse.

Because of this policy, you’re not permitted to check in online with a united basic economy ticket. Furthermore, if you try to bring a carry-on baggage to the gate you’ll need to pay the checked bag fee … in addition to another $25 gate service fee!

It’s quite possibly the most restrictive policies you’ll find among basic economy fares on U.S. airlines and the reason United airlines was the clear looser in our Battle of Basic Economy. All things considered, there are a few exceptions that permit you to bring a carry-on bag on your united airline’s flight:

  • Transatlantic basic economy fares to Europe or the Middle East get to bring a carry-on.
  • So do transpacific flights on a basic economy fare to Asia.
  • If you have a united co-branded credit card like the United Explorer Card, you can bring a carry-on bag even when flying basic economy.
  • Flyers with United MileagePlus elite status can bring a carry-on bag on any united flight, regardless of their fare class.
  • So can flyers who have earned Star Alliance Gold status or higher.

Curiously Large Baggage, Strollers, Sports Equipment And More

Overweight And Oversized Baggage:

If you have bulky, overweight baggage or oversize luggage on united airlines, you could be on the snare for many additional dollars.

First, all baggage flying with United Airlines should be close to 62 linear inches (or 157 centimeters). Simply join the width, height, and length of your bag to measure. Any bags from 63 linear inches to 115 inches will bring about a larger than average baggage charge of $200 each. What’s more, bags bigger than 115 linear inches aren’t permitted.

However, with regards to overweight bags, the standard checked baggage limits depend – indeed – on what kind of ticket you have got. With a basic economy or economy fare, your bag can weigh as much as 50 pounds:

  • Overweight packs from 51 to 70 pounds will get charged an additional a $100.
  • Overweight packs from 71 to 100 pounds will get charged an additional a $200.
  • Checked bags heavier than 100 pounds aren’t permitted.

You get a bit more leeway with United Airlines baggage weight limits if you have got status or are flying business or first class: Bags can weigh as much as 70 pounds. Anything heavier and you’ll pay United’s standard overweight fees.

Other Baggage:

Vehicle Seats And Strollers: United airlines acknowledge one free vehicle seat for nothing for every kid, although to a stroller or folding wagon.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs and other assistive gadgets are free on all united flights, as long as the gadgets can fit into the airplane bin gate.

Pets: In-cabin pets in airlines under the seat in front of you cost $125 and include a $125 up-charge for delays more than four hours in the U.S. or then again 24 hours outside of the U.S. Pet Safe, United’s way of checking bigger pets to the last destination, has been suspended, as per the most recent update from April 2021.

Skis And Snowboard Equipment: Passengers are permitted up to two snowboards or skis that consider a regular bag, so long as they adhere to weight and size restrictions.

Something major for skiers to remember: When actually taking a look at skis or snowboards, travelers are also permitted to check a ski boot bag at no extra cost, so long as both bags are under 50 pounds.

Bicycles: United charges cyclists $150 each way for bicycles in the container is under 100 pounds and under 62 linear inches.

Hockey and Lacrosse Gear: Hockey and lacrosse hardware bags are charged the same as regular baggage, however, they include two hockey or lacrosse sticks alongside the bag at no extra expense.

Scuba Equipment: $150 will be charged for every empty dive tank if it is under 50 pounds. United will charge $200 if it is over 50 pounds.

Baggage Alternatives: Subscriptions and Shipping

United offers a few options to the traditional checked baggage system, permitting travelers to transport their luggage candidly to their destination for a markup – or buy a baggage subscription to avoid baggage fees when you fly.

A United baggage subscription gives you two bags per flight. It will not be that as it may, cover the extra fee for oversized or overweight bags. Also, whether it’s worth it relies upon the amount you travel.

Subscription costs change widely depending on the number of bags you need to check, the number of travelers you need on your plan, and where you intend to go. It begins at $349 for an independent traveler checking bags just inside the U.S. A solo plan to check two bags on any united flight worldwide jumps to $799. The subscription plan for two travelers, two packs anywhere on the globe is $899.

The Most Effective Method To Avoid United Airlines Baggage Fees

Nobody likes paying baggage charges whether you have a flight with United or another airline. Luckily, there are a small bunch of tips, tricks, and tools you can utilize to try not to pay united charges for baggage altogether.

Frugal Tip: All well-trained or resigned U.S. Military faculty, going on requests, migrations, or just actually, get two free bags on completely united flights.

Pack In Just A Carry-On Bag

The first method for avoid to pay baggage charges with United can be totally free. You simply need to pack a bit less.

Unless if you purchased a united airline basic economy ticket, you can continually bring a carry-on bag for nothing.

While it will set aside your cash, pressing it into carry-on baggage can likewise save you time and stress. There’s not anymore waiting to check-in your baggage cartridge. You don’t need to stress over the airline losing your bag any longer – it’s with you consistently.

Packing into a carry-on bag when you’re used to taking a 50-pound bag on each flight can feel overwhelming, however, we guarantee it can be done. Follow our tips and you’ll be a pleased individual from the group carry on in a matter of seconds.

Look at a lot of our adored carry-on bags if you really want to get one.

Fly Up Front in Premium Plus Or Higher

Whether you’re flying in Premium Plus (United’s name for Premium Economy), first-class, or a United Polaris business class ticket, you have two free checked bags on each united flight.

In addition, flyers with these tickets get a more liberal united baggage allowance: Bags can be as much as 70 pounds.

Afterward, baggage is dependent upon the normal economy expenses.

Hold a United Airlines Credit Card

Almost any co-branded United Airlines credit card will get you a free first bag when you fly with United. In any case, there’s one hitch: To get a free sack, you need to pay for your trip with your United MasterCard.

The cheapest option is the United Explorer Card, which gets you one checked bag free on a United-operated flight. Similarly, you’ll also get a free bag for one companion booked on your reservation.

Considering bags cost at least $30 each way, you can come out ahead on the card’s $95 annual fee after only two roundtrip flights. And the Explorer Card’s annual fee is even postponed for the first year!

It gets even better with the United Quest Card, which will get you and your buddy two checked bags on any flight. At the point when you pay for your flights with the card. If you check a lot of baggage, the savings there can be significant, effectively outweighing its $250 annual fee.

The top-tier United Club Infinite Card additionally has both of you free checked bags, but its $525 annual charge implies it’s not an ideal choice for most travelers.

Earn United Or Star Alliance Status

Practically any level of United or Star Alliance status will also give you free bags. Yet, exactly what you get depends upon how high you climb.

Here Is A Breakdown:

StatusFirst bagSecond bag
United Premier SliverFree$45
United Premier Gold, Platinum, or 1KFreeFree
Star Alliance GoldFree$45

United Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, and 1K individuals all get somewhere about one free bag. That consist of entry-level status holders with united airline getting a free bag.

But, if you’re getting Star Alliance status through a partner airline, you need to earn Star Alliance Gold to get a free pack on the united airline. Star Alliance Silver status individuals need to pay united airline common baggage except if they are military personnel, cardholders, or bought a fare that includes baggage.


How many bags does United Airlines allow for free?

This includes up to three free checked bags for personal travel, five for business travel, and two for military dependents with travel orders. You may also be eligible for free checked bags if you have certain United credit cards or you’re a MileagePlus Premier member.

What does United Airlines charge for baggage?

United Airlines’ (UA) standard checked baggage / hold luggage fees for U S domestic flights: First bag: $35.00 USDSecond bag: $45.00 USDThird and any additional: $150.00 USD per bag.

Do I get a free checked bag with United Airlines?

Your first and second checked bags are free. This benefit extends to one companion traveling on your itinerary. One free checked bag for you and one companion on your itinerary. Your first and second checked bags are free.

Do you have to pay for checked bags twice on a round trip?

Yes. Published baggage fees are all priced one way, including on American but really on all airlines. If you have a connecting flight on the same airline, you should not normally have to pay a fee twice.

What happens if your bag is over 50 pounds united?

United Airlines will charge for bags on U.S. domestic flights that are greater than the standard 50 pounds (23 kg): 51 to 70 pounds or 24 to 32 kilograms: $100 to $200 extra per bag. … If bags exceed 100 pounds or 46 kilograms they will not be accepted as checked baggage.

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